How to clean carpets effortlessly: care to be taken from today


February 07, 2021

How to clean carpets effortlessly: care to be taken from today

How to clean carpets effortlessly: care to be taken from today

Depending on the material used, carpets require different care. Know the routines you must implement to keep your carpet immaculate.

Nowadays, there are so many carpets to choose from that the decision becomes more complicated. There are many shapes, as well as patterns. The colors seem to multiply at the speed of light as well as the number of materials used.

When it comes to cleaning care, there are some issues to review. The first and most important is the material used in each carpet. That is what dictates the kind of care (and cleanliness) you should have.

Please take note of our recommendations for carpet care.

Wool Carpets

Before any care, it's important to know how to choose a carpet for your house. The truth is that you can still be at this stage and there's nothing wrong with it.

After following our tips, focus now on caring for woolen carpets. That is a delicate material that requires a lot of attention. First, you must take the rug and take it to an area where you can shake it.

The next step is to make sure that no dirt is left behind. To do this, you only need to vacuum the carpet, and you can do so after putting it in place. Of course, it's not enough to maintain this routine if the dirt is a liquid one.

In that case, you should clean the area with a damp cloth and a neutral detergent (not too acidic). Then, pass a dry cloth over the same place and, preferably, let the carpet dry in the sun. If you don't have any detergent around, use the old (and effective) water and vinegar mixture to remove the stains.

Viscose Carpets

Viscose carpets are much more accessible. But that's not why they require less care. The fibers that compose this material are fragile, so you need to have extra care in this case.

Before starting the cleaning routine, you should pass your hand over the carpet doing it in the whole area, always in the same direction. Then, use the vacuum cleaner, still doing it in the same direction. If you push the vacuum cleaner always in front of you, avoid repeating the opposite movement. Lift it and repeat the action.

If your carpet has threads at the ends, avoid passing the vacuum cleaner over them. Instead, take a broom to remove all the dirt.

If you need to remove specific stains, the process is quite different. To do this, add water and neutral detergent to a basin. Then, dip a cloth in the liquid and pass it over the affected area. Rub it thoroughly until the stain disappears.

Silk Carpets

Having a rug at home, in any room, is one idea that makes the difference in decoration. Silk rugs are, therefore, a great option if you're looking for an unusual piece.

Keeping cleaning care in this kind of material is essential. In addition to vacuuming the carpet frequently, you should also sweep it. But when using the vacuum cleaner, don't forget to remove the vacuum's brushes—not to damage the silk fibers.

You can, and should, shake it as much as possible, preferably outside. If you drop liquids or other kinds of solid dirt, take a spoon before everything else. That is the only way to eliminate the dirt without damaging the silk. Using sparkling water in these cases is also very effective in removing stains.

Jute Carpets

The care of jute carpets is more or less similar. Therefore, you'll need a vacuum cleaner, a cloth, a sponge, sodium bicarbonate, and neutral detergent.

First, shake the carpet outside. Then vacuum it in order: first along the length and then the width. To clean stains, do it as soon as possible. Wet a cloth with neutral detergent (or with water and vinegar) and pass it over the affected area. If the stain doesn't disappear, use some baking soda in the mixture. In the end, dry the area with another cloth.

Cotton Carpets

To clean cotton carpets, you must use neutral detergents. Any more acidic option will undoubtedly damage the rug. To remove stains, you can always use the washing machine.

Cotton carpets are one of the few that you can wash in the machine, making life (significantly) easier. However, you should avoid putting them in the dryer. Instead, let the carpet dry naturally, preferably hanging.

Synthetic Carpets

The care of synthetic carpets is also very similar. You can, therefore, wash them with water and neutral detergent. In the end, let it dry in the sun.

After drying, it's advisable to spray the carpet with a little vinegar. That will prevent it from getting unpleasant odors.

As you can see, it's relatively simple to take care of your carpets. That's the only way to ensure that they last as long as necessary, without the need for large investments.

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