Shipping & Returns

  • How is the delivery procedure?

    When the items ordered by the customer are available for delivery, you will be notified by e-mail, informing you of their availability.

  • After delivery, do you do the assembly?

    Yes, we provide an assembly service for mainland Portugal.

    • Make the order to
    • Mention your order number and which items to assemble.

    This service will have an additional cost of € 50 and the term of execution of the service is subject to the availability of the assembly teams.

  • What is the delivery forecast?

    The delivery forecasts of the ordered articles are visible on the product's descriptions, and they may vary between different products. When you purchase at the TGV Interiores online store, you will get a Free Shipping for all shipments and returns throughout Europe. If you place an order for only 1 article, the delivery forecast considered is the estimated date that demonstrates in the product sheet. If you place an order with more than 1 item, the delivery forecast considered, of the entire purchase, is the date of the article with the longer term. TGV Interiores will only make a single delivery.

    After completing the purchase, you will receive an email with the order confirmation, along with a code so that you can follow your purchase. But is only a forecast, no liability can be levied on TGV Interiores if the order can not, for any reason, be met in full or in part within the estimated time limit.

    If you want multiple deliveries, it means, receives the articles according to their availability, you should contact us through the email, requesting this exceptional service. If you choose this type of expedition, TGV Interiores will not assume any delivery cost.

  • How much is the delivery?

    The TGV Interiores wants to provide the best delivery service, according to the needs of each customer, so it is free for the whole European Union.

  • Which precautions should I take to deliver?

    As a rule, couriers deliver parcels to the door of buildings or houses.

    If you place a large order, please provide help to transport the items into your home.

  • What if delivery is impossible?

    If delivery is not possible, the customer will be informed by e-mail of the place where are the pieces and how it should proceed to reschedule a new order.

    If the delivery is not completed successfully, within the estimated time, due to the impossibility of contacting the customer, the items will return to the TGV Interiores warehouses.

  • How do I return an item?

    • Order the return directly from TGV Interiores to
    • Mention the order reference and which items you want to return.
    • Prepare the order under the same conditions you received it.
    • Hire a carrier of your choice and send us the products for Rua Industrial S. Caetano 99, 4410-311 Vila Nova de Gaia


    • Go to your account page and choose the “return article” option and follow the instructions.
    • Prepare the order under the same conditions you received it.
    • Hire a carrier of your choice and send us the products for: Rua Industrial S. Caetano 99, 4410-311 Vila Nova de Gaia

  • Can I return customized products?

    We do not accept returns of items that have been customized, in dimensions, finishes or fabrics.
  • Under what conditions can you return an item?

    We will accept the return only of articles without a sign of use and must be in the same conditions as they were when you received them. The item has to be returned entirely, with all its complementary accessories, as well as original instruction manuals and packaging in perfect condition. If a personalized article is used, we do not accept returns.

  • How long does it take to return an item?

    The Client has a period of 14 days, from the day he receives the articles, to return or exchange the parts and without having to indicate the reason, according to the Portuguese law nº 1 of the 10th of Decree nº24 / 2014, 14/02.

  • How much is the amount to pay for the shipping?

    Return costs will be borne by the customer.

  • How will I be refunded for the items returned?

    The refund will be by the same method you used to make the purchase or by bank transfer if I have paid by ATM reference.

  • How long will the refund take?

    The TGV Interiores will refund within an estimated 15 days, after confirmation of the article reception under the conditions mentioned above. However, you will not be liable for any fees resulting from such refund.

  • The product arrived damaged. What to do?

    If you receive an item damaged by the carrier, you will have 24 hours to complain, since the date of delivery, sending an email with pictures that demonstrate the damage to

    After the 24 hours to complain, TGV Interiores is not responsible for any defect that may have happened to the transport.

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