Terms and Condictions

  • Make the order

    To formalise any request on the site www.tgvinteriores.com, the customer doesn't have to register, but if you want to use the discounts and advantages that TGV has to offer, you must provide the data that you request, in the most complete and rigorous way as possible.

    The provided information on this website, regarding the characteristics of the items, is elaborated, according to the descriptions available from our suppliers. The images that represent the products try to be as reliable as possible. However, the color tones of the pictures may look different resulting of factors such as illumination at the moment of image capture. It is the responsibility of the customer to verify if the selected items have the adequate dimensions to space for which it is intended, as well as the respective accesses for the destination space, to make possible their delivery.

    The decorations or accessories, such as lamps, floral arrangements, mattresses, cushions, etc., presents in the ambient images of the products are not included in the price, except when is expressly indicated.

  • Order validation

    The order of items made by the customer will be confirmed after payment of the corresponding amount. In the case of MB payment, you have 48 hours to complete the order, and we can only reserve your product selection after you pay the total amount.

    The value of each item is described on the respective product page, along with its description. Once the order is validated, the customer will be informed via email or other electronic devices, such as the telephone.

  • Delivery forecast

    The forecast for delivery to the Customer of the item (s) ordered by him/her is defined on the product page next to the description of the respective item, and may vary between items.

    Please note that this is only a forecast, however, TGV Interiores cannot be held responsible if the order cannot, for any reason, be fully or partially satisfied within the estimated period.

    Some items may break if they are out of stock, with no date for new availability. In this case, we will refund you within 48 hours.

    In orders with several items, and with different delivery times, you will have to consider the longer period, as we only make 1 delivery for free.

  • Delivery procedure

    • When the order is ready to be delivered, the customer will be contacted by the courier to confirm or schedule a date and time slot for the delivery.
    • Only validated orders and products that have been paid in full will be delivered.
    • There are three delivery options for Mainland Portugal. The Home Out service offers free shipping, the Home In service has a cost of 68€, and the Home Special service costs 197€.
    • In Azores, Madeira and Europe shipping costs are calculated at checkout, according to the parcel weight and area of delivery.

  • Customer house conditions

    The conditions of access to the delivery and assembly of the ordered items are customer's responsibility. For this reason, you must verify if the passage, handling and access to the place of delivery and assembly are possible. If it is necessary to resort to scaffolding, cranes, or other similar access platforms, the client is responsible for contracting and paying those services.

  • Warranty

    The warranty period for the products is two years or more years when the producer or distributor of the article so guarantees in writing.

    This warranty does not include:

    - Defects caused by misuse, improper cleaning, application of corrosive materials, dyes, paints or human and animal fluids;

    - Damage caused by incorrect use of the product;

    - Natural products: for those products in which are used natural materials in their manufacturing, it is normal to occur different shades, irregularities in wood, expansion, and contraction in solid timber, variations in tones and color of fabrics, wrinkles, textures, and scars on the skin. These are characteristics that embellish and identify a natural product and which make them usually never equal to each other. It's because of these reasons that these inequalities can not be considered grounds for complaint.

    - Upholstery: with usual use upholstery is often softer, which should not be confused with changes in the firmness of the materials;

    - Furniture: with exposure to the sun, heat, and smoke emitted from fireplaces, stoves or similar it's normal to change the brightness of the products, which cannot be cause for complaint.

    - There may be variations in product measurements of (+/-) 3 cm, without being considered a defect.

    Assistance after sale: In case of an anomaly of the article within the warranty period, the customer must contact the store where he made the purchase and will be informed later of the procedure to have for the TGV Interiores to provide due assistance, taking into account the specificity of the defect reported.

    In case of an anomaly after the warranty period, the customer can contact TGV Interiores so that the after sales service can issue a professional opinion and repair budget, if applicable. After approval of the budget by the customer, the product will be repaired.

  • Recommendations for use

    - The customer should not use cleaning products such as corrosives, solvents, acids or alcohol;

    - Furniture and upholstery items, unless otherwise stated, shall not be exposed to heat sources recommending a minimum distance of 50cm;

    - The customer must comply with the instructions given in the fabric catalogs, in particular on fabrics containing "aqua clean" treatment or waterproofing. In case of nodes, remove with absorbent paper or white cloth, using a cloth moistened with neutral detergent;

    - In the natural skin products, we recommend the use of moisturizing cream periodically, to maintain the level of coloration and to avoid streaks or cracks in the coating.

  • Return and exchange of articles

    • After receiving an order, the customer has 14 days to return it.
    • Return costs and choice of courier are the customer’s responsibility.
    • After the return is made, the customer will be notified of the reception of the product(s) and of a subsequent quality check via e-mail.
    • The refunded amount is credited back using the original payment method.
    • Refunds will be paid within 14 days.

  • Property reservation

    Until full payment of the price of the items ordered, the property will remain with TGV Interiors, transferring to the customer only after payment has been made.

  • Litigations

    To resolve any emerging lawsuit, the jurisdiction of the Vila Nova de Gaia district of Portugal is competent.

    All written communications of TGV Interiores or their agents to the customer's address will be made by an unregistered letter to the mentioned addresses or registered office, previously specified in the agreement.

    For all purposes, any address change must be notified to TGV Interiores within a maximum period of 30 days as from the respective verification, by registered letter with notice reception.

  • Sale

    * This discount will be up to 20% on some identified products, not applied to continuity articles (ASSOULINE, SMEG, CASTELBEL), and is limited to existing stock. TGV INTERIORES reserves the right at any time and without notice to restrict, suspend or cancel the discount if circumstances so require. In no case shall its liability be called into question. Campaign valid for Portugal, not cumulative with other promotions. Valid from 12 July to 31 August.

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